Why ICF?

The ICF is the largest international professional association of individual professionals for business and personal coaching. By offering a universal level of quality and working method worldwide, ICF sets the standard in coaching. ICF certification is an internationally well known and recognized quality mark.

‘Earning an ICF Credential can make a difference in your business. Industry research shows that coaches who hold a professional credential report higher earnings than their noncredential peers. Clients with credentialed coaches are more satisfied with the coaching partnership and more likely to recommend coaching to others.’ – ICF Global

ICF Netherlands is the national division of ICF. All its activities and events fit within the framework defined by ICF Global. Becoming a member of ICF Netherlands offers many advantages. Below are some important points to start with.

Certification accepted worldwide

The ICF developed the first globally accepted certification procedure. Every ICF coach must take part in this. Certified ICF coaches therefore meet high standards.

Professionalization activities

Several times a year, ICF Netherlands organizes professionalization meetings where members can obtain the necessary qualification points to guarantee their certification. The meetings are also accessible to non-members. Current speakers and trainers from inside and outside the association are invited to contribute to the meetings.

Source of information

The ICF’s website is a source of information for individuals and companies to learn everything about coaching, what is required of a good coach and how to become or find a recognized coach. In addition, it offers a database of coaches who meet the high ICF requirements.

“The coaching sessions provide solid guidance and fit the most diverse goals. I can recommend coaching to anyone who is ready for the last push needed to turn a wish into a concrete goal. The process that starts can be exciting and confronting, but it is especially illuminating and provides tools to achieve a desired result.”- Experience of a client

Various events

ICF Netherlands organizes and participates in events and professional meetings, such as the Day of the Coach. There it conveys its message, works on the network for its members, promotes the importance of the coaching profession and introduces companies and individuals to coaching.

During the International Coaching Week, ICF Netherlands provides pro bono coaching to CEOs and employees of charity organizations. This is reported in the media. In this way, ICF brings the power of coaching into the limelight and at the same time makes a social contribution.

At least annually ICF Netherlands organizes a general meeting, preferably in combination with a pleasant networking moment.