The board of ICF Netherlands

Annemarie van der Meer, MCC - chairman

After studying psychology, I started working as a ‘coach’, long before this word was used in that sense. My own development in this profession has therefore gone hand in hand with the development of the profession itself. ICF has made a huge contribution to this in recent years. I would like to see to it that other coaches can take a similarly professional route. Certification is a sign that you take your profession seriously and it distinguishes you from many other coaches.

Hester Hospes, ACC - secretary

Lawyer and public administrator, project manager. Analyzing and preserving are my specialties, as well as coaching according to the strict ICF standard. There is nothing more beautiful than the moment when the insight is suddenly gained and the energy starts to flow again. It is good for everyone if more clients expect an ICF certification from the coaches they hire. I came on board to help further professionalize ICF Netherlands, but also just for fun!

Frank ter Horst, ACC - treasurer

Development and innovation are the common themes in my life. In 2004 I started as an independent entrepreneur to be able to go my own way and to share the diversity of interests and expertise in my work. My financial background forms a solid foundation that I still use in my work as an interior designer and now also as a coach. For me, the ICF stands for the quality that I try to deliver in all my work.

Marinda van Harskamp, ACC - general board member

Coaching is a profession and good coaching has an effect on the development of at least two people: the coachee and the coach! Every coachee benefits from an effective and professional coach for sustainable development. The ICF tests and guarantees the training and development of the coach. As a result, the quality of coaching is evolving to an ever higher level. Coaching is a relatively new profession and as a board member of ICF Netherlands I enjoy working on the further development and professionalization of ICF and the coaching profession!

Hetty Brand-Boswijk, PCC - general board member

After personally experiencing how important it is to have support from a coach with regard to the big life question: “Who am I?” I retrained a few years ago to enter the coaching profession. Because I work at a renowned Business School, accreditations are not strange to me. That is why I set the bar as high as possible, an ICF-certified coaching course. Later, when setting up personal and team coaching for our students, it was not difficult to choose to work only with ICF-certified coaches. ICF’s international certification is leading, so I know that my coach colleagues are aligned with me on my vision.


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