“Coaching with Impact” International Coaching Week 2018

On Friday 11 May 2018 ICFL Netherlands Charter Chapter was honoured to host a seminar at the Drakenburg Conference Centre in Baarn, Netherlands, to celebrate International Coaching Week. We welcomed 32 coaches from around the Netherlands as well as 3 speakers who entertained and engaged us during presentations, exercises and Q&A.

Kicking off the session with his keynote address on Leadership in a VUCA world was Jean-François Cousin, MCC (Director, Treasurer and Secretary of the International Coach Federation Global Board 2017-2018). He presented to us a number of examples from the corporate world as to how coaching can have, and is having an impact on the way companies are seeing more engagement and results from their personnel. One particular example, that of Accenture, shows how the managers were trained in coaching skills which resulted in higher employee engagement, a strong coaching culture and this was correlated with a stronger financial performance.

ICF has been at the forefront of research on the impact of coaching and their 2016 Global Coaching Study, produced together with PwC, gives a lot of information regarding trends and results. You can find the survey for purchase on the ICF Global website.

Understanding that there is work for us to do out there, we invited Karen Makkes van der Deijl, PCC, to share with us some of the tips and pitfalls of partnering with a company to set up an internal coaching programme. Her experience was from the perspective of an internal coach, but although our access, mainly as external coaches, may be a challenge from time to time, the process of engaging managers and HR in a company is not dissimilar. Once into the team or individual coaching, the coach has many options to draw up team and/or individual development plans. The things we may not so readily remember is a) the diagnosis phase including everyone is on board; and b) ensuring you know what budget is available. The programme Karen was involved in was very successful but, due to an internal reorganisation the budget dried up and, therefore, so did the coaching programme.

One of the main challenges of working within organisations at such a level is the buy in from management. As Jean-François succinctly put it “if the leader wants coaching for his/her employees but not themselves then, as a coach, don’t go there”.

The session after lunch focussed on how you can coach leaders for emotional intelligence. Jetske van Heusden, PCC, lead us in an overview of Emotional Intelligence as developed by Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis which can be used in coaching someone in their personal Leadership Development Strategy. Understanding the emotional intelligence competencies and coaching leaders on them will help in preparing those leaders develop their teams to be more engaged and understand how to lead their teams from a coaching perspective. In turn, this will help their companies in a VUCA world as coaching cultures have been shown to help companies thrive!

In the final afternoon session with Jean-François we were encouraged to embody the feeling of holding the greatness of our clients by sitting on the floor and letting the client have the chair. It was interesting to feel the difference in attitude when the geography changes, and even more fascinating to see how much we can actually do without saying a word when we were invited to coach with our faces only! Great stuff and lots of fun!

During breaks and lunch we enjoyed getting to know one another better, shared experiences and insights and generally built connections that will last. We were also blessed with wonderful weather that enhanced the ambience and level of engagement. Thank you to all three speakers and we look forward to organising many more such events in the future!

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