ICF Netherlands Webinars

An ICF coach is characterized by demonstrable continuous learning. The certifications (ACC, PCC and MCC) are renewed every 3 years. In order to be able to renew the certification, each coach must be able to show that he/she has received 40 hours of additional training. ICF Netherlands regularly organizes further training meetings. We call these professionalization activities. Often this is a physical meeting somewhere in the country. Sometimes it is webinar. These meetings and webinars are open to everyone who is interested. You can register via the Agenda*. Note: registration is necessary in connection with the provision of the certificates.

*Most of the professionalization activities are currently only available in Dutch. The board is looking into the possibilities for organizing activites in English.

On this page you can view a selection of Webinars.

If you have questions or comments, please contact info@coachfederation.nl

‘Coaching across cultures’ door Philippe Rosinsky. 22 mei 2018 (English)



‘AVG for coaches’ door Hester Hospes 4 april 2018 (Dutch)


‘Informaton about certification’ Anita van Vlerken 6 maart 2018 (Dutch)